Have you ever been sad for no reason? and you look around and maybe you feel that you have everything, but at the same time you feel like you have nothing... Even when we have a lot, the feeling of having is not going to fulfill our deepest inner self, we spent life wondering, dreaming, and we start loosing the capacity of seizing every small thing that is around us, every detail, every ray of light, the  blessing to be alive, to be well and loved.

The mayor blessing we can have is to recognize whats truly important, living in the present, breathing every moment, seizing every heartbeat... Life is not easy, and as we get older we start becoming slaves to our own ways, fears, needs, and we stop just living carefree and happy. Happiness is a state of the mind, soul and heart, that depends solely and directly on us. This is the Lifeful Factor

​It is a complete lie that we can achieve happiness by ourself, we are mating animals, so, as bothering at it may sound to some people, we do need others to be happy. Of course happiness starts with your sole inner wellness, but it culminates and is complete when you find that "mate" that is the other half of your world. That is the Loveful Factor.

So, look at your live, and if you are completely willing and ready to start living Lifeful-Loveful, click on Step 2.